Mission and Strategy


Sustained community “twinning” partnerships for learning between people across the world based on respect, trust and humility will create:-

  • greater understanding, justice and peace
  • greater social cohesion in the communities involved
  • opportunities to address millennium development goals

BUILD’s goal is to bring these global links into the mainstream in the UK to the point that no one can escape life without at some point being touched by an international, cross-cultural partnership whether at school, higher education, through their local authority, town or village, hospital, social, arts or sports clubs, faith institutions etc.

To achieve this goal BUILD

  • advocates at an individual, public and political level on behalf of cross-cultural community partnerships
  • promotes and supports good practice
  • develops its spread of influence across all sectors of society
  • works at a strategic level through the all-party parliamentary group "Connecting Communities", and opportunistically with e.g. the Commission for Africa, the Department for Education and Skills, BBC World Class and individually through its membership.


BUILD recognises that many of its members eg. UKOWLA, Link Community Development, British Council, VSO, Tropical Health Education Trust, Partnerships for World Mission, Eden Project, Plan, Commonwealth Youth Exchange Council, etc are operational in forming and supporting North South Partnerships of various kinds. BUILD will support these organisations in that role but not be directly operational itself.

BUILD will encourage good practice for the development of community partnerships (for this purpose “community” refers to cities, towns, villages, local authorities, schools, faith-based organisations, youth, culture and sports groups etc) and draw on the experience of its members, particularly those that are already primarily engaged in North-South partnerships, to achieve this.

BUILD will therefore:

  • Identify where partnerships exist and their best practice
  • Publicise good practice through appropriate media
  • Develop a public education programme to promote community partnerships
  • Advocate the clear benefits of community partnerships in terms of mutual understanding, community cohesion and sustainable development at appropriate strategic levels eg. corporately through the all-party parliamentary group “Connecting Communities” and the Commission for Africa and individually through its membership.

BUILD sees its primary role as strategic and will:

  • Recognise its identity as a UK agency and that its strength lies in its international connections through its membership.
  • Ensure regular participation by Southern members in its meetings
  • Be governed by a small executive committee of not more than 8 members. Two meetings per year will be held for the entire membership
  • Increase its membership by approaching new potential relevant partners eg. the Refugee Council, the strategic grant agreement agencies, (BMA, TUC, Groundwork etc)
  • Identify synergies in links which will maximise impact eg. the role of linking in conflict situations, education etc.
  • Ensure that the impact of links in North and South is regularly assessed to assist in its advocacy programme.