Regional BUILDs

A global vision for BUILD has been the development of one world linking organisations (OWLAs) in the countries of the South and North, which would support the activities of civil society and community groups in those countries that are involved in linking. The vision extends to the development of regional BUILDs made up of representatives from the OWLAs in that region, which would be responsible for working with the Governments of that region to promote partnerships.

To this end, following on from the Commonwealth People's Forums and working closely with the Commonwealth Foundation we have held meetings in Yaoundé, Cameroon in 2008 and 2009 of CSOs from Sierra Leone, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia and Cameroon and in 2010 in Kenya with CSOs from Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya to explore the potential for the development of regional BUILDs in West and East Africa. This work is ongoing.