What is BUILD

BUILD is a network of national and international organisations united around a common purpose: namely to realise the potential of people to bring peace, prosperity and justice through twinning partnerships between communities across the globe.

BUILD’s goal is to bring these partnerships into the mainstream in the UK to the point that no one can escape life without at some time being touched by an international, cross-cultural partnership whether at school, higher education, through their local authority, town or village, corporate organisations, hospital, social, arts or sports clubs, faith institutions etc.

Build believes: international community-based partnerships make a real difference to the lives and development of people in those communities and ultimately to world peace.

Many of BUILD's members are directly involved in School, Health, Local Authority, Diaspora, Faith, Youth and Community partnerships. BUILD supports its membership in developing these partnerships and encourages the widening of the links to involve the broader community for sustainability and social cohesion.
Sustained community partnerships for mutual learning between people across the world based on respect, trust and humility will create:-

  • greater understanding, justice and peace
  • greater social cohesion in the communities involved
  • opportunities to address millennium development goals
Colonialism did nothing for our self confidence and we are still trapped in low self esteem. True community partnerships can help to give us the confidence we need for our own development. African participant, UKOWLA conference 2001